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Carl Gustav Jung

(07/26/1875 - 06/06/1961) - a prominent Swiss psychologist

- "The lack of meaning in life plays a critical role in the etiology of neurosis. Ultimately neurosis must be understood as the suffering of the soul, not finding its meaning ... About a third of my cases - is not suffering from any clinically definable neurosis, but from the senselessness and aimlessness of their lives. "

- "Your eyes will become clear only when you look into his own soul."

- "Everything that irritates others, can lead to an understanding of ourselves."

- "Life has no meaning, no thinking person who could interpret its phenomena."

- "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both elements are changed."

- "The importance of the acquisition of the individual meaning of life will probably deny that, as a social being who is below the general level of fitness, let alone one whose ambition does not rise above the breeding of cattle, will do it for sure. Those who do not belong to any of these categories, sooner or later will face this unpleasant issue is vain only for chasing the bustle. "

- "The meeting with himself belongs to the most unpleasant."

- "The great achievement of the individual ... is an act of high courage - a request face-to-life, so there is a complete statement of all that is the essence of the individual, so is the successful adaptation to the universal basics of being at the greatest possible freedom of self-determination."

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 alt Arthur Schopenhauer (Schopenhauer, Arthur) (February 22, 1788, Danzig, now Gdansk - September 21, 1860, Frankfurt-am-Main), the German philosopher-irrationalist. His main work is "The World as Will and Representation" (1819-44).


- "When people come into close contact with each other, their behavior resembles a porcupine, trying to keep warm on a cold winter night. They are cold, they are pressed against each other, but the more they do it, the harder they prick each other with their long needles. Forced injections because of the pain go away, they once again converge because of the cold, and so - all night long "

- "And what people call fate, it is mostly just their own stupid antics."

- "The future is hidden from us - not in the present and in the future. Time - is the mediator between the possible and the actual. "

- "Alone, each sees itself as what it really is."

- "In the death of selfishness is exposed, due to the destruction of his own personality, is full of frustration and fragmentation. Death is therefore of teaching that is given to selfishness course of nature. "

- "Every time a person dies, dies a world that he carries in his head; intelligent than the head, so that the world clearer, clearer, more significant, more extensive, the worse his death."

- "There is one for all inborn error - it's a belief that we are born to be happy"

- "Every person may well be himself only so long as he is alone."

- "As a worker, working on the construction of a building or do not know or do not always visualize the whole plan, so also man, serving individual days and hours of his life does not have a general idea about the course and the nature of its existence"

- "Who does not like being alone - he does not like freedom, for it is only in solitude can be free"

- "Peace is not possible without the time, but it is impossible without peace."

- "The world - it's hospital terminally ill"

- "Do not bring back to life too much to ask, that is, to build their happiness on a broad foundation, relying on his luck could easily collapse, being more prone to various troubles, which can not be avoided"

- "We need to restrain your imagination in everything that concerns our happiness or unhappiness"

- "Loneliness is the lot of all outstanding minds."

- "Truly a suitable treatment between two people, instead of Sir or Mister ... to be my companion in misfortune. Naskolko strange though it may sound, this is consistent with the facts and the other person is in the most proper light, and reminds us that the most necessary thing - tolerance, patience, forbearance and love of neighbor, in which each of us needs the other, and which must give to another. "

- "The fact that people are called fate, is in fact a collection of follies committed by them"


- "In order to assess the situation in terms of human happiness, we must know not what gives him pleasure, but the fact that it is able to grieve, and less significant than the latter, the people happier: to be sensitive to details, it is necessary to live in a certain contentment : in adversity because we do not feel them at all "