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  • 21-25 April 2010. International scientific-methodical conference "Integrative Psychology: Theory and Practice." The conference is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Professor VV Novikov. Yaroslavl.
  •     Khakasskiy scientific and practical seminar "Psycho motivation" details
  •     9 g aprelya2010 in the XIV All-Russian Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Science and Education" held the round table on the theme: "Professional growth in the pedagogical university students: from adaptation to creativity." The head of the round table - Akhmetov L., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the International Student Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology Adaptive Technology Education (MSNOL KATP), Tomsk State Pedagogical University. more
  •     European scholarship for you, the students!

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  •     24-25 November 2009 held the Fourth All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "sistemogeneza professional and educational activity", Yaroslavl. The purpose of the conference: a generalization of psychological research in the theory of systemogenesis educational and professional activities carried out in the context of the theory sistemogeneticheskoy RA Academician VD Shadrikova, assessing and determining the prospects for its further development.

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  •     October 9, 2009 Center "Torch", a cinema hall, 2nd floor (street Red Army, 120), the scientific-practical conference "Implementation of the principles of inclusive approach in the educational space gorodaTomska." Education Department of the city of Tomsk Municipal establishment of information-methodical center of the city of Tomsk Tomsk Regional Public Movement "Affordable higher education for people with disabilities"

          More http://divo.tomsk.ru/html/conf9-10-09.htm

  •     24-26 September 2009 Tomsk State University, Siberian Branch of radioactive waste, Tomsk Branch of the Russian Psychological Society, with the support of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research conducts psychological III Siberian Forum "Man and modernity: interdisciplinary research."


More http://psy.tsu.ru/21e3ee8d-3b95-44c3-9d69-ee1b15f33705.vdom